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Another hearing clinic penalised for breaching Australian consumer laws

Yet another Australian hearing clinic was fined towards the end of 2018 after the ACCC issued three infringement notices alleging the Australian Government owned corporation in question engaged in false or misleading conduct in relation to the sale of hearing aids.


The clinic in question owns and operates ‘Hearing Help’, which is aimed at providing consumers with objective and unbiased advice over the phone or on Facebook.

The company admitted to misleading conduct by presenting Hearing Help as being unbiased information, when the goal of the service was to increase referrals for their organisation. They represented that the platform was government funded when it was actually funded entirely by the company itself and they sent letters to clients from the Australian Government Hearing Services Program stating that there was mandatory payment required for their subscription when there was not.

The ACCC have made it very clear that hearing clinics need to be incredibly careful of the way they are advertising to consumers as it can be very confusing and at times, completely incorrect. The penalised clinic have paid a total of $37,800 for their breaches.

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